6th FISU World University Bridge Championships 2012

The results of the 6th FISU World University Bridge Championships in Reims, France:

  • Gold: Poland 1
  • Silver: Czech Republic
  • Bronze: Poland 2

Link to all results

6th World University Bridge Championships

Dear bridge friends,

From 9/7/2012 till 15/7/2012, FISU (International University Sports Federation) will organise the 6th World University bridge championships in Reims, France. It is a team competition.

Every country may send 2 national teams, and students from universities and high schools between 18 till 28 years old may participate and must have the nationality from the country they represent.

All information is available on www.fisu.net and "uni bridge" facebook account. We hope to see a lot of teams.

3rd World Online University Team Championships - Let's go!!!

FISU committee members for 2012-2015

It is a great pleasure to announce that Geert Magerman has been nominated by the Executive Committee of FISU (International University Sports Federation) as Bridge delegate (member of the International Technical Committee for the World University Championships in Bridge) for the next 4 years (2012-2015).

3rd World Online University Team Championships on BBO

See the list of already registered teams!

In January 2012  we will start the 3rd World Online University Team Championships on BBO!

2nd European University Bridge Championships - Warsaw

The results of the 2nd EUSA (European University Sports Association) European University Championships in Warsaw, Poland are:

Gold: Hamburg (Janko Katerbau, Martin Rehder, Felix Zimmermann, Paul Orth)

Silver: Politechnika Wroclaw 1 (Bartłomiej Igła, Piotr Zatorski, Wojciech Gaweł and Paweł Jassem)

2nd World On-line University Team Championship ended.

Australia has won The Final of the 2nd World On-line University Team Championship against Holland Delft 88:66. Congratulations!

Results of the all rounds http://unibridge.eu/matches

Are You interested to help us?

Dear bridge friends,

I work for years now to organise and promote university bridge all arround the world. I am the responsible for university bridge for EUSA (European University Sports Association) and FISU(International University Sports Federation). We organise a lot of events, also on internet and have the facebook account "Uni bridge".


Are you interested to help us:

- to organise internet competitions on BBO

- to organise events from EUSA and FISU

- to set up a university bridge club in your country

2nd European Universities Bridge Championship

Hey everybody,

We are still waiting for Your entry to the Championship. It will be held on 19-23 Sep in Poland. More information

Entry form

Few regulations:

1. 3 out of 6 students must be from the same university

2. You need your student ID card to play (if You are now at student exchange it can be foreign university student ID card)

All regulations 

2nd World Online University Team Championships

We have started with 2nd On-line University Championships

The schedule and results are here