3rd European University Bridge Championship, 30 IX - 6 X 2013, Kraljevica, Croatia.

And we have started...

live scores !!

and the schedule (in every round there is one match on BBO):

Tue 1stOct 09:00 round I   
    11:20 round II 
    17:20 round III 
    20:30 round IV 
Wed 2nd 09:00 round V 
11:20 round VI 
15:00 round VII 
17:20 round VIII 
Thu 3rd 09:00 round IX 
11:20 round X 
15:00 round XI
Fri 4th 09:00 semifinals (3x8 boards) 
09:00 swiss 5-11 (8 boards rounds) 
12:20 Final 1st segment (8 boards) 
15:00 Final 2nd and 3rd segment
20:30 Pairs Championship session 1 (about 20 boards) 
Sat 5th 09:00 Pairs event session 2 (about 30 boards) 
15:00 Pairs event session 3 (about 30 boards) 
Sun 6th 09:00 Pairs event session 4 (about 20 boards) 



Dear bridge friends,

From 30/09/2013 till 06/10/2013, EUSA (European University Sports Association) and EBL (European Bridge League) will organise the 3rd European University Bridge Championship in Kraljevica, Croatia.

For the first time:Teams and Pairs competitions.

It will be first a teams championship during 3 to 4 days, and afterwards a pairs championship during 3 days. It will last in total for 6 days

It is a competition between European Universities. Teams can be mixed up from students from different universities, but at least 2 students must come from the university they represent! Each country and university can send an unlimited number of teams.

Initial schedule:

  • 30th of Sept - Teams Registration and technical meeting
  • 1st - 3rd of Oct - Teams Round Robin
  • 4th of Oct - Teams Finals and Pairs Qualifications
  • 5th of Oct - Pairs Qualifications and Finals
  • 6th of Oct - Pairs Finals and Closing Ceremony

Students must be between 18 and 28 years old and hold a student card. The costs are 65 €/day - accommodation, food and entry fee included plus a one-time fee of 20 €/player

For financial support please contact the sport department of your university or your bridge federation.

For any questions: geert.magerman@telenet.be and Facebook "Uni Bridge"


All informations are available on www.bridge2013.uniri.hr and "uni bridge" facebook account. We hope to see a lot of teams.