6th European University Bridge Championship, Budapest 24-28.07.2019

Dear bridge friends,


From 24/07/2019 till 28/07/2019, EUSA (European University Sports Association) with the support of EBL (European Bridge League) will organise the 6th European University Bridge Championship. All information can be found on: 






It is a competition between European Universities. Teams can be mixed up from students from different universities, but at least 2 students must come from the university they represent! Each country and university can send an unlimited number of teams.

Initial schedule:

- DAY 0 : July 23rd      Arrival day, Accreditation day

- DAY 1 : July 24th      Accreditation day, General Technical Meeting, Opening ceremony

- DAY 2 - DAY 5 : July 25 - 28th      Competition days, Award & Closing ceremony    

- 29th July : Departure

Students must at least hold a student card and apply to the EUSA egibility rules. 

For financial support please contact the sport department of your university or your bridge federation.

For any questions: geert.magerman@telenet.be or harry.vandepeppel@gmail.com

All informations are available on mindsports2019.eusa.eu/home