11th World University Championships 11-17/09/2022

"FISU World University Mindsport Championships 2022"


-          Organizer :         FISU (International University Sports Federation, www.fisu.net) and WBF

-          City:                   Anwerp (Belgium)

-          Dates:                11-17/9/2022

-          Format:              National University teams (students may be from different  universities), maximum 3 teams per country

-          Entries:               via the National University Sports Federation (NUSF) (check via www.fisu.net), registration via 3 FISU forms to enter in clear deadlines

-          Eligibility:             university students between 17 and 25 years old, Holding the nationality of the country, check via NUSF

-          Costs                    +/- 70 €/person/day (all included and full board, except transportation and limited entry fee)

-          Website OC              wucmindsports2020.ukw.edu.pl

-          All info                 geert.magerman@telenet.be and facebook “Uni bridge”


Hope to see you in Poland!! Please contact me for any information!

Thank you,

Geert Magerman (geert.magerman@telenet.be, +32477861213)

Technical Director of the sport bridge FISU

Chairman of the university committee WBF