Are You interested to help us?

Dear bridge friends,

I work for years now to organise and promote university bridge all arround the world. I am the responsible for university bridge for EUSA (European University Sports Association) and FISU(International University Sports Federation). We organise a lot of events, also on internet and have the facebook account "Uni bridge".


Are you interested to help us:

- to organise internet competitions on BBO

- to organise events from EUSA and FISU

- to set up a university bridge club in your country

- to develop university bridge in your country

- to be a director at BBO events

- .... or anything else ...

Do you have idea for new events? I am also very interested to your ideas and what we should do for you to make it better for the future!

Please take the initiative and contact me on [email protected] or Kuba

We will make something nice together!!

Best Regards,

Geert Magerman