Are You interested to help us?

Dear bridge friends,

I work for years now to organise and promote university bridge all arround the world. I am the responsible for university bridge for EUSA (European University Sports Association) and FISU(International University Sports Federation). We organise a lot of events, also on internet and have the facebook account "Uni bridge".


Are you interested to help us:

- to organise internet competitions on BBO

- to organise events from EUSA and FISU

- to set up a university bridge club in your country

- to develop university bridge in your country

- to be a director at BBO events

- .... or anything else ...

Do you have idea for new events? I am also very interested to your ideas and what we should do for you to make it better for the future!

Please take the initiative and contact me on or Kuba

We will make something nice together!!

Best Regards,

Geert Magerman